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How to Drive Outcomes as a Strategic HR Leader

Join 15Five’s VP of Product Jeff Smith, PhD as we explore the latest research, knowledge, and tools strategic HR leaders need to drive successful outcomes in their roles in 2023.

Attendees will gain insights into the strategies that top HR orgs are implementing for achieving high-impact outcomes around performance, engagement, retention, and manager effectiveness, and how 15Five is thinking about the future of strategic HR.

We will dive into each of these key outcomes that HR can deliver to their business to succeed, how to gain credibility among the leadership team, and how to be more effective when it matters most.

You Will Learn:

  • What strategic HR leaders need to be focused on in 2023 
  • How HR can tangibly influence high impact business outcomes like performance, engagement, retention, and manager effectiveness
  • How 15Five is continuing to support strategic HR leaders during this time where everyone is being asked to “do more with less”

Jeff Smith, PhD
VP of Strategic Initiatives at 15Five
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