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Performance and Growth

Reviewing the Performance Review

A Report by 15Five

For our Reviewing the Performance Review report, we surveyed a mix of 2,500 HR leaders, managers, and individual contributors to see how people feel about performance reviews at their organization. What we found is that there are several inconsistencies and gaps in how the different stakeholder groups perceive the performance review process and its outcomes.

Performance reviews are hard to get right, and our findings show that a new approach may be needed to make them effective in the modern workplace. HR leaders and managers face an opportunity to re-imagine the performance review process at their organizations in order to close these experience gaps and make the process beneficial, impactful, and fair to all involved.

What’s Inside:

  • The current state of the review process
  • Exploring how different stakeholders perceive and experience the process
  • Designing a review process that benefits everyone
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