15Five Compensation - powered by Comprehensive

Connect pay and performance to retain top talent

Drive pay equity, engagement, and retention with our full-suite of compensation management tools

Performance and compensation work better together

Unified Compensation Reviews

Run compensation review cycles leveraging 15Five performance data to make informed compensation decisions that reward strong performance and retain top talent

Pay Ranges Management

Simplify the storage, editing, and sharing of pay bands from a single, reliable source-of-truth. See how employees compare against your pay bands to ensure consistency and fairness in compensation across your organization.

Real-time Benchmarking

Gain a competitive edge by accessing real-time compensation data from over 5,000 companies. Stay ahead of industry trends and ensure your compensation strategy remains competitive.

Employee Total Rewards Dashboard

Educate employees about the full value of their compensation package, including equity and benefits. Foster trust and engagement by providing a transparent, holistic picture of their overall rewards

Why 15Five Compensation

Eliminate bias and increase engagement

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Save time and eliminate errors
Stop managing dozens of spreadsheets to run performance and compensation reviews.
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Empower managers and maintain control
Make it easy for HR and Finance to enforce budget and provide centralized recommendations.
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Improve transparency
Foster trust and alignment in compensation decisions by giving visibility to managers and employees.