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Performance and Growth

HR Outcomes Playbook: Unlocking the True Business Value of HR

As an HR leader, you have a critical role in managing an organization’s most valuable asset: its people. But despite the importance of your role, other executives may not see the value of having HR leaders at the executive table, viewing HR as a support function focused on administrative tasks rather than strategic initiatives.

This playbook is designed to help you, the HR leader, close that gap, and operate in a way that enlightens and excites the rest of the executive team about the true value that HR can provide to an organization and its bottom line. We will cover the shift from an administrative cost-center HR to a strategic profit-center HR, and the outcomes that HR and People Ops leaders should be focusing on in order to make this shift a tangible reality in their own organizations

What’s Inside:

  • The HR outcomes to focus on for maximum impact, including maximizing employee performance, decreasing regrettable turnover, and improving employee engagement
  • How manager effectiveness drives all outcomes
  • How to talk to executives about outcomes
  • Best practices for attaining and sustaining executive buy-in for strategic HR
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