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Friends or enemies? Unpacking the relationship between your HRIS and Performance Management

SHRM and HRCI codes are shared at the end of the recording

Your HRIS is the source of truth for your people data, but was it built for performance management? In today’s HR tech landscape there is a lot of talk about consolidating tech stacks and trying to force one platform to do everything (whether it was designed to or not). 

At the same time 17% of HR leaders find their HRIS is ineffective and requires workarounds while another 12% are unhappy and planning to replace it, according to HCM research firm i4cp.

But maybe there is a more strategic answer.

Join our HRIS product expert, Laura Cristobal and Sr Product Manager as we explore how the top HR leaders are thinking about these systems and getting them to work together for the benefit of their people and ultimately their business results.

Key Takeaways:

  1. HRIS Essentials: Understand the core functions and benefits of an HRIS, and how it acts as the backbone of your HR operations.
  2. Unlocking Performance: Explore the vital role of a Performance Management Platform in driving employee engagement, retention, and productivity.
  3. The Power of Integration: Learn why it’s not an ‘either-or’ choice, but rather a ‘both-and’ strategy, as we reveal how these platforms can complement each other.
  1. Real-World Success Stories: Hear from organizations that have harnessed the combined power of HRIS and Performance Management to achieve remarkable results.
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