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HR Superstars Summit Presented by 15Five

Join the community and gain access to recordings of our second annual HR Superstars Summit event. Thousands of HR leaders came away with actionable insights that will facilitate innovative ways to create impact at their organization and candid discussions on the most relevant industry topics.

Keynote: “State of Strategic HR” w/ Dr. Jeff Smith

In his keynote, Dr. Jeff Smith will be unveiling his deep research into the state of strategic HR. Jeff’s research, which is an extensive combination of qualitative and quantitative research, will walk through the current state of HR, what challenges HR leaders are facing, expected trends for 2022, and practical steps HR leaders can take to evaluate themselves to become more strategic.

Fireside Chat: “Becoming a More Strategic People Leader” w/ Christine Kaszubski

In this fireside chat, community leader Adam Weber will be interviewing Christine Kaszbuski, CPO of Pindrop and recently named one of the top 50 women in SaaS. This conversation will bring Dr. Jeff Smith’s research together in a tangible way by highlighting how Christine has grown as a strategic people leader and uncovering in real-time some of the most pressing issues she is solving today.

Panel: “Differentiating Through Talent Acquisition” w/ Ben Eubanks, Julie Barker, Cristina Costa, Sue Joyce & Susanna Vogel

The Great Resignation has made talent acquisition a critical focus area of every HR leader. This panel, moderated by Ben Eubanks will cover:

  • Unique approaches to recruiting in this market
  • How to add intentionality to your diversity recruiting
  • How to build efficiencies into your recruitment process
  • Integrating & empowering hiring managers
  • The foundation of an innovative talent strategy

Panel: “Mental Health” w/ Liesel Mertes, Stefanie Gott, Amy Campbell & Jennie Yang

Since the start of the pandemic, HR leaders have needed more than ever to have a strategy to support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. This panel discussion led by Empathy Consultant Liesel Mertes will discuss:

  • Ways to build a more empathetic workforce
  • Real-time actions HR leaders are taking to support the mental health of their employees
  • The impact mental health might be having on your workforce currently
  • Tips for gaining alignment with the executive team on mental health strategies

Panel: “DEIB Strategies” w/ Polly Stocks, Dion Bullock, Cara Pelletier & Sienna Brown

Building diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments at companies is a must for any strategic HR leader. This panel, led by Polly Stocks, will discuss DEIB strategies with 3 experts. Topics included will be:

  • The relationship between DEIB & HR
  • How to build an initial DEIB strategy
  • Holistic approach to DEIB strategies
  • A renewed focus on inclusion and belonging

Adam Weber
Adam Weber
SVP of Community at 15Five
Jeff Smith, PhD
VP of Strategic Initiatives at 15Five