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Leading People

The Guide to Balancing High Performance and High Care at Work

The tension between caring for employees yet holding them accountable to certain performance standards is one that has become increasingly taut in recent years. We face what seems like a relentless wave of external stressors — a global pandemic, political uprisings, and now the fear of a recession and subsequent job loss looming ominously on the horizon. The list goes on. It can be very difficult for employees to compartmentalize the stressors of life and their work and still have the ability to be focused and productive.

We need to build capacity for compassion in the workplace — but how?

This guide will cover structures and supports you can put in place in your organization to achieve that balance of high care and high performance and support a team of humans that don’t just survive, but thrive.

What’s Inside:

  • The importance of objectives
  • How to operationalize feedback touchpoints
  • Why less surprises leads to more psychological safety
  • Why transparency should be the norm
  • How to reinforce positive behavior and celebrate wins
  • How to navigate tough people decisions with grace
  • And more
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