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Authentically Supporting Differences in the Workplace

Your company may strive for diversity, but are you truly being inclusive and equitable as well? To instill a culture of psychological safety and belonging, everyone including executives, HR, managers, and employees must practice supporting differences in the workplace. And it’s hard to get it “right” without aligning on what that means and how to recover when we inevitably make mistakes.

Whether it’s a difference in culture, identity, age, beliefs, or disability (and the list goes on) this webinar focuses on building a workplace community of allyship. Our differences are reflected in our appreciation, feedback, and communication styles, so watch our panelists from 15Five, Pave, PowerToFly, and Raydiant for a powerful conversation on how to navigate these authentically.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to facilitate impactful conversations about DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging) between managers and employees
  • How to navigate and encourage cultural differences in a hybrid workplace
  • What initiatives can promote a culture of psychological safety and allyship
  • How to build stronger work relationships in the face of DEIB mistakes 
  • Tools and resources to promote inclusion across employees

Webinar Resources:

Cara Pelletier, M.A.
Senior Director of DEI at 15Five
Hareem Mannan
VP of Product & Design at Pave
Morgan Chaney

VP of Marketing at Raydiant

Zara Chaudary
Global DEI Strategist and Trainer at PowerToFly