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In order to cultivate high performance and engagement, leaders must shift from a “how do I get the most out of my people?” mindset to “How do I help my people become the best versions of themselves?”

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Best- Self Management

Performance is a result or an outcome, not something that can be managed directly; it’s a byproduct of focusing on other things that give rise to it. Therefore if you’re practicing “employee performance management” you’re already trying to manage the wrong thing.

Instead focus on Best-Self Management. By supporting people in being and becoming their best selves, high and ever increasing performance becomes a natural by-product, not to mention uncommon levels of passion, commitment and loyalty — qualities less often associated with the average person’s experience of work.

Best-Self Management is about supporting people in learning, growing, developing, evolving and becoming their best over time. We’re all works in progress. We all have a unique set of talents, passions, and perspectives. Leaders and managers must take the time to understand what those are and provide opportunities for people to align their work with those talents and passions. Then not only do employees grow, but your company will become far more successful than you had ever thought possible.

Shane Metcalf Shane Metcalf

Past Speaking Events

Shane has spoken on dozens of stages, including a talk he recently gave about culture-building with ETW Advisors. He delivered the keynote at From Day One conference in 2019, and regularly mediates webinars and panel discussions for 15Five's Humans Not Resources meetups.

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Building a Culture of Continuous Feedback

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Panel with Carrie Brandes

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About Shane

Shane Metcalf is a seasoned executive coach and speaker who is obsessed with building healthy organizations, and creating the opportunity for people to have meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Driven by his deep belief in the potential of our species, Shane co-founded 15Five, industry-leading performance management software that is unlocking the potential of the global workforce.

As Chief Culture Officer, Shane understands what fundamentally motivates people, how to architect high performance, and which principles and rituals create “self-organizing cultures”. Shane has been featured in XConomy, Fast Company, and the New York Post. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIN.

Shane Metcalf

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