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Creating Core Values That Grow With Your Company



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How Ubiquity maintains a thriving culture through growth and rebranding.

In this webinar, we talk with Andrew Meadows, Senior VP of HR, Brand & Culture at Ubiquity. Learn about:

  • Creating core values and evolving them over time
  • Developing programs to reinforce their values
  • How he uses 15Five to support his efforts

Duration: 45 minutes




Founder & CEO of 15Five, and named "The Most Connected Man You Don't Know In Silicon Valley" by Forbes

Senior VP of HR, Brand & Culture at Ubiquity. You can find Andrew as a co-producer of the documentary, Broken Eggs Film, as well as in the press in The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & Report, and Plan Sponsor.


Chapter List

  1. What was it like at Ubiquity pre-core values and post-core values? How did it come about for the need to create them in the first place?
  2. How did your values shift with the rebrand from Online401K to Ubiquity? And why did you change your core values with the rebrand?
  3. When you rolled out the new core values, what were some of the intentional programs you put in place to ensure they were well-received?
  4. What are some of the other employee programs you have in place for engagement and culture?
  5. How do you use 15Five to elevate your culture?
  6. Audience Q&A