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Performance Management Tools
I’ve found 15Five to be the best tool on the market to facilitate conversations between employees, managers and their peers.
Colleen McCreary
Chief People Officer @ Credit Karma
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Turn engagement insights into engagement outcomes

Actionable engagement surveys that employees actually want to complete, and managers easily understand. Easy-to-use surveys with clear analytics can be completed from any device in just 6 minutes.

Continuously measure the drivers of engagement and performance that matter most
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Maximize performance

Improve performance and accountability with performance reviews that drive growth for your employees — and your business. Identify sentiments and concerns before they impact employee morale, performance or retention.

Reviews have never been easier to write or act on. Improve decisions and remove bias with reviews that leverage information from existing manager-employee workflows.
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Performance Reviews
Retain top talent by clearly defining how employees can grow in their roles.
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Build trust, loyalty, and engagement by helping your people align their strengths and values with their work.
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Career Hub
Enable managers and employees to co-create a career path that motivates performance and growth within the organization - not outside of it.
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Clarify and track the top objectives for everyone across your organization by showing how they’re connected to business results. Automatically update progress through weekly Check-ins or integrations with platforms like Slack, Salesforce and Jira.
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Objectives Dashboard
Core Platform

Ongoing Manager Enablement

15five’s core features strengthen the ongoing manager-employee relationship that is essential to high performance and engagement.

Connect managers with their teams through regular Check-Ins that lead to actionable insights.
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Weekly Check-ins
Structure conversations and action items to help managers and employees become self-driven owners of engagement, performance, and retention.
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1-on-1 Agenda
Build a culture of frequently giving and requesting constructive feedback.
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Request Feedback Dashboard
Build relationships between managers and their teams through regular Check-Ins that address the most important questions, and give HR real-time visibility into engagement and performance across the organization.
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High Fives

Upskill your managers

High performance, retention and engagement start with highly effective managers.

Our approach targets the specific skills each manager needs to improve their team’s engagement and performance through flexible learning paths with tangible results.
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Engagement Report Examples
Monitor the team’s progress and quickly schedule coaching sessions before emerging concerns impact your organization.
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Help managers learn, practice, and apply the skills they need to maximize team engagement and performance within their existing workflows.
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Inspire teams to achieve more

Discover the platform that maximizes your people.

Stay connected

Meet your employees where they are.

Sync with your favorite productivity or HRIS tools like Jira, Salesforce Slack, BambooHR, Namely, Microsoft Teams, Workday or our API to automatically update and measure progress.
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