Role Clarity

Clearly define how employees can be successful in their current roles

Role Clarity Product Preview
Take the first step in creating an effective career growth initiative. Give your employees the clarity they need to succeed in their current roles and an opportunity to communicate what drives them.
Benefits List

Make it easy for managers and employees to get started on the right foot.

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Clarity both ways
Help managers and employees have a productive 2-way conversation on how to be successful and get ahead of obstacles
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Find motivators
Give each team member the opportunity to clearly communicate what energizes them and what doesn’t, so they’re set up to flourish and thrive.
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Stronger onboarding
Create a favorable impression of your company that drives retention, engagement, and performance from day 1 of the employee experience.

Give each employee a clear view of their responsibilities and priorities

Allow managers and employees to adjust responsibilities and jointly define how to achieve success in their roles today.

projects and tasks

Help managers find out what energizes their team members

Drive employee engagement by helping team members have a two-way conversation with their managers about what motivates them.

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Get started with Role Clarity

Take the first step in helping your employees grow their careers

The Science

15Five’s Career Hub Empowers Employees to Design a Strengths-Based Development Path

Read the science behind how 15Five can help your employees grow their careers by becoming more self-aware and playing to their strengths.

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