Maximize Employee Performance

Build an organization
that wins together

Balance high care and high performance

Build a human-centered culture that doesn't sacrifice growth, high performance, or efficiency.

How does 15Five help maximize employee performance?

15Five exists to accelerate human-centered leadership in the world, so that companies and their people can thrive. Inspiring individual performance is crucial to business success.

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Drive Individual Performance

67% of employees report working harder for a manager who cares about their growth as a professional, but less than half say they have never had a conversation about their career vision. Inspire growth with day-to-day practices that focus on individual strengths and goals, then watch performance soar.

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Employee Profile Dashboard

Build Alignment With Managers

15Five equips managers with tools proven to make an impact through continuous feedback, effective 1-on-1s, meaningful check-ins with their teams, motivating performance conversations, and more.

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Krystal Eason
15Five has given me the tools I need as an HR business partner to coach our managers on how to improve performance and productivity within their teams.
Krystal Eason
VP of People

Transparent Goal Tracking That Works

No more setting and forgetting. 15Five makes goal-setting simple to keep everyone focused on what matters. Get a real-time view of progress against key company objectives and spot negative trends before it’s too late.

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Create a Review Experience Your Employees Don't Hate

The best 360 Reviews are the ones that HR, managers, and employees all actually enjoy. 15Five makes performance management simple and powerful for everyone involved.

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Performance Reviewer Choices

Solve your biggest challenges and get big returns.

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Inspire Performance
From robust rating and review features, OKR & goal-setting, to foundational manager enablement tools like check-ins and 1-on-1 agendas to drive improved productivity and continuous feedback
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Retain Top Performers
Retain top talent with continuous feedback, growth conversations, calibrations, recognition, and more
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Drive Business
Reach organizational goals and build momentum with goals that are connected and driven from the top down and bottom up

How it all works together

Every part of the 15Five platform works cohesively to impact HR outcomes. When combined, our 360° performance reviews, engagement surveys, OKRs & goal-tracking, and manager training and coaching suite works together to drive more performance, engagement, and retention for your organization.

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