Take the guesswork out of meetings, so every conversation is a valuable one.

1-on-1s Dashboard
Our 1-on-1 feature is designed to help you get the most out of your meetings. Using our guided structure, it’s easier to focus on priorities, challenges, and progress so everyone’s aligned, motivated, and engaged.
Benefits List

Put effective 1-on-1s at the top of your list, and reap the rewards.

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More Alignment
Use 1-on-1s to clarify goals and keep teams focused on them.
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More Support
Help ensure that employees feel seen, heard, and valued.
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More Time
See how high-impact meetings lead to more effective managers.
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Better Management
Help managers better communicate with a solid conversation framework.
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Higher Engagement
Surface the most important issues at the right time.
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Increased Productivity
Transform your workplace into a hub of productive activity.

Create a meaningful agenda

Managers and their reports add agenda items for 1-on-1s any time during the week.

1-on-1 Agenda

Discuss what really matters

Do some serious problem solving and talk about priorities, challenges, and OKR progress.

1-on-1 Talking Points

Take notes and take action.

Managers and their reports arm themselves with valuable insight and feedback, so they can confidently go foward to next steps.

1-on-1 Action Items

1-on-1s that rise above the noise.

Conventional Updates
A chain of long reports, email threads, and spreadsheets that bog down communication and don’t reveal important insights.
15Five’s 1-on-1s
An easy-to-use feedback loop that surfaces important talking points, lets them be discussed, and turns them into action items.

Maximize meeting time

Make high-impact conversations the new normal

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The Science

1-on-1s designed with science in mind.

High-performing organizations have one thing in common: They make quality 1-on-1 meetings between managers and employees a top priority.

The Evidence