High Fives

Higher engagement. Motivated teams. Happy customers. Behold the power of appreciation.

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Science says employee recognition is vital to highly-engaged workplaces. Maybe that’s why High Fives is one of our most popular features. When you regularly celebrate wins and contributions, everyone feels valued.
Benefits List

It pays to practice gratitude at work.

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Improve Engagement
Organizations that recognize their people inspire real connection.
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Spur Productivity
When they feel celebrated and valued, people feel excited to work.
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Increase Retention
A positive recognition strategy boosts morale and breeds loyalty.
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Help Motivate
Regular appreciation gives your people fresh purpose and momentum.
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Satisfy Customers
Employees who are openly praised earn higher loyalty and satisfaction scores.
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Stay Connected
Remote teams feel more connected when positive feedback rolls in.

Set a positive feedback loop.

Highly-engaged, high-performing organizations make showing appreciation an important part of work.

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Experience the feel-good benefits

Research proves both givers and receivers get a sense of well-being from the exchange of positive feedback.

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Send High Fives easily, any time.

Celebrate your team members, or send your gratitude elsewhere through External High Fives.

External High Fives

Create a culture of appreciation

They’ll thank you for it

The Science

The experts agree, recognition is critical.

Research shows that employees who are acknowledged and praised are more productive, more engaged, and more loyal to their workplaces. And they pass those good vibes on to their customers, too.

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