Request Feedback

The best kind of feedback is the kind you ask for, so we empower your people to do just that.

Request Feedback Dashboard
With our Request Feedback feature, employees take charge of their own growth. They’re encouraged to seek feedback themselves, so what they learn is useful, actionable, and ownable.

Let people pick the feedback they want

When people choose the feedback they need—positive, constructive, or both—it’s more useful and actionable to them.

Send feedback request to a teammate of your choice.

Give and receive helpful feedback

Using our in-app, science-based tips, managers and employees can respond to requests and deliver on-point feedback or get it.

Request Feedback Pro Tip

Make feedback feel good.

Create a culture where feedback is seen as a positive, empowering experience.

Feedback Please :)

Set a new course for feedback

The best feedback comes from requesting it