Career Vision

Give your employees the tools to create a career vision they’re energized by

We’ve designed a simple, powerful way for managers and their team members to co-create a strengths-driven career vision that keeps employees motivated and energized.
Benefits List

Enable your people to work with their managers to co-create a career vision

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Define your ideal work day
Help employees define their ideal work day so they can find the right path within your organization.
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Explore career paths
For your HR team’s convenience, you can link out to your career paths, ladders, and other resources to support productive career conversations.
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Choose a career path
With a better understanding of themselves and the career paths available in your organization, your employees can succeed in finding a clear direction.

Make it easy for your employees to define their ideal workday

Enable your people to define what they want from their future careers and how they’d like to use their strengths.

Then, help them turn their self-discovery into a career vision

Make your company’s career paths available in one convenient place, and help your employees define their future roles.

Get started with Career Vision

Take the first step in helping your employees grow their careers

The Science

15Five’s Career Hub Empowers Employees to Design a Strengths-Based Development Path

Read the science behind how 15Five can help your employees grow their careers by becoming more self-aware and playing to their strengths.

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