AI Assisted Reviews

Objective and Fair Performance Reviews,
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Save wasted time and eliminate recency bias from your performance review process with AI.

Reduce Bias

By analyzing data collected throughout the review period, AI Assisted Reviews minimizes the impact of biases like Recency, Gender, and Idiosyncratic Rater to ensure a more comprehensive and fair assessment of an employee's performance.

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Save Managers Significant Time

Instead of starting from scratch, Spark AI provides managers with a valuable starting point for writing reviews, giving them more time to create thoughtful, constructive, and fair performance evaluations.

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Increase Manager Effectiveness

By incorporating data from 1-on-1s, check-ins, and more, AI Assisted Reviews strengthens the right behaviors to make your managers more effective, a primary driver of engagement, retention, and performance.

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How it Works
Summarize Data:
Spark AI thoroughly examines available data, including peer and self-reviews, High-Fives, 1-on-1 notes, Objectives, and Check-ins. It then generates a comprehensive summary for each participant.
Draft an Answer:
Using relevant data, Spark AI creates a well-rounded first draft of answers for specific questions, incorporating the aforementioned information from High-Fives, 1-on-1 notes, Objectives, and Check-ins, as well as any input provided by the manager.
Improve Writing:
Spark AI then assists in refining and rewording the drafted content, providing managers with a seamless and efficient way to enhance their performance reviews.
Fast and fair performance reviews – started in seconds.
Replace rushed and biased reviews with assessments that are fair, efficient, and better for everyone involved.