Boost engagement, drive productivity, and motivate every team across your organization.

We’ve designed a powerful, two-step path to highly-effective conversations for your team. Our weekly Check-ins are the most efficient way to support continuous growth and development.
Benefits List

Check-ins that inspire engagement and drive performance.

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Get Aligned
Focus your whole organization on the top priorities and goals.
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Improve Visibility
Gain insight on how your people are feeling and what they need to thrive.
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Remove Roadblocks
Spot challenges quickly and help clear the path.
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Celebrate Wins
Know when your people make progress and achieve goals.
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Stay Connected
Pose questions to your entire organization and respond with clarity.
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Empower Managers
Increase manager effectiveness with better visibility and alignment.

Complete Check-ins within minutes

Employees spend just 15 minutes to share how they’re really doing with managers.

Check-in Questions

Surface the important points

Our Check-ins uncover challenges, reveal wins, and track your team’s progress toward individual and organizational goals.

Review and take action.

Move on those meaningful insights through thoughtful 1-on-1s and performance reviews.

Give managers real, actionable insight

So they can empower their teams to perform

Complementary Features
Better together
Combined, Check-ins , 1-on-1s, Best-Self Review, and High Fives spark high-impact conversations and action.
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The Science

An enlightened approach to Check-ins.

The research is clear: Check-ins are critical to high employee engagement and performance. We followed the latest social science to design ours.

The Evidence
Colleen McCreary
“I've found 15Five to be the best tool on the market to facilitate conversations between employees, managers, and their peers.”
Colleen McCreary
Chief People Officer