When you measure
what’s important, you
can fix what matters

Engagement+ helps you remove the roadblocks
impacting your employees’ performance.

An engagement survey
as unique as your people

With more than 3 evidence-based survey templates and 120 questions to choose from, Engagement+ helps you create tailored surveys to fit your employees’ needs. Plus, 15Five helps you consolidate results with a streamlined experience.

Access 15Five’s Full
Potential Index—for free

Inspired by research spanning four psychological sciences, the Full Potential Index looks beyond engagement to measure employee thriving. By understanding the things that truly motivate people, like personal-strengths alignment and feeling valued, you can unlock your employees’ highest potential.

Full Potential Index

Engagement+ is one part of a
productivity-boosting solution

15Five’s three-tiered approach leverages technology, education, and services, and they’re all rooted in science to promote positive behavior change. Engagement+ enables managers to take action to improve morale and performance within their teams while providing visibility for HR and leadership.

Employee engagement that lasts

15Five equips you with the tools needed to create and sustain
a culture of high engagement.

Heatmapping dashboards

See how individuals and teams are feeling and quickly identify high and low areas with detailed reporting insights.

Engagement question bank

With more than 120 evidence-based questions, you can build and customize surveys to measure what’s important to your organization.

Best-Self Academy

Managers can use the results from Engagement+ and 15Five’s Best-Self Academy to uplevel their skills and implement positive changes.

Evidence-based survey templates

15Five’s employee engagement survey templates are backed by four fields of psychological science to show a detailed view of engagement.

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