Career Paths & Plans

Drive retention by helping your people find the right career path and take action

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Retain your best talent by providing clear career paths at your company, and give managers the tools to support each employee’s progress.
Todd Olson
15Five is an important part of our culture. According to our investors, our employee retention is 5x higher than most of our peers.
Todd Olson

Create a simple experience for employees to explore career paths and competencies

Employees can view career paths and the required competencies, making it easy for employees to discover roles that inspire productivity and performance.

Tip: Use with Role Clarity and Strengths Discovery to support career growth outcomes.

Strategic mastery

Give employees the tools to choose a career path and build a plan to reach their goals

Employees can collaborate with their managers to jointly craft a career plan that also defines the skills, abilities, and competencies required to grow their careers.

Tip: Use with Career Vision to help employees clarify their future goals.

Drive outcomes by tracking career goals along with other goals during check-ins

Tie growth goals to OKRs and pull these objectives into check-ins, establishing a regular cadence for managers and employees to talk about career growth.

Career paths

Develop your people by elevating personal growth goals in performance reviews

Drive engagement and make it easy for employees to share their personal growth wins during performance reviews.

Growth areas

Unlock outstanding performance for your entire organization