Performance Reporting

Easy-to-use performance reporting helping HR leaders drive pay, promotion, and talent development decisions

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Performance reporting in 15Five is designed to be easy-to-use and fast, so you can get the data you need to and quickly shift to taking action.

Assess performance across your company using 15Five’ customizable 9-box

Create a custom 9-box to make smarter decisions related to pay, promotions, and organizational performance. In fact, some customers call this an ‘n-box’ because you can create the matrix that best suits your needs.

Visualize competencies across your company

Focus your company on competencies that drive success and are essential for business growth. Identify strong vs. weak areas to inform your talent and L&D strategy.

See how managers assessed their team members to better understand company-wide performance

Analyze performance ratings given by managers across key performance questions, and filter your data by group, review cycle, and answers to make insightful comparisons.

Keep your review cycle on-schedule by tracking progress and nudging reviewers who may have fallen behind

Track progress for each stage of your review cycle from nominating peer review writers to whether managers and peers have actually written their reviews. Quickly identify who may need a nudge to keep your performance cycle running on schedule.

Unlock outstanding performance for your entire organization