Performance Management

A robust performance solution for HR leaders that's easy to use for employees

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Perform is designed to help HR leaders run their performance program from end-to-end, and make talent decisions based on a 360 view of the employee.

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To help HR leaders create a performance program tailored for their needs, Perform will easily plug into any HR strategy, company culture, and tech stack.

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Using convenient dashboards, HR leaders can access performance insights designed to help them make faster talent decisions.


Holistic Performance Management Made Easy

See performance reviews in action

See what over 2,500 HR leaders, managers, and employees said about performance reviews

Based on 15Five analysis, learn how HR leaders can drive productivity and retention through performance management.


A Performance Management Solution Like No Other

Loved by HR leaders, managers, and employees

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"By far the best Performance Management tool I've ever used"
Joshua S
Senior Project Manager
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"The single best software platform to help us navigate remote team dynamics"
Cal A
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"Excellent product that provides an innovate way to provide feedback"
Stephen M
Associate Director

Step 1

Kick-off your first review cycle in as little as 15 minutes

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Setup & Customizations

Create an experience tailor-made for your culture and employees

Follow a few quick steps to kickoff your first review cycle, with guidance, templates, customizations. 15Five is the easiest platform to get started on.

Here's how we make it easy
Visibility settings
HRIS Integrations

15Five integrates with major HRIS systems

We get it: your HRIS is mission-critical. Save time by having employee data automatically sync between your HRIS and 15Five. But don’t stop there. Sync your performance data too between both systems (Coming soon!).

Explore HRIS Integrations
Productivity Integrations

Update 15Five without leaving your favorite productivity apps

Keep performance top of mind and experience the power of our performance management solutions while using your favorite productivity solutions.

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Slack integration

Step 2

Gather performance feedback and ratings across all employees


Collect multi-dimensional feedback from multiple sources

Develop a holistic measure of performance that’s just right for your company. Focus on fairness and make it easy for managers, employees, and peers to provide objective feedback.

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Performance Ratings

Develop a fair measure of performance

Avoid using spreadsheets and other complex systems to calculate performance ratings across teams and departments. Let 15five do the heavy-lifting for you, from creating performance criteria to assigning custom weights, and producing actionable ratings.

Discover the benefits

Step 3

Calibrate ratings and view reports


Create ratings consistency across teams

Use 15Five to bring managers together for a calibration session where you can transparently and objectively assess how team members were rated and adjust scores in real-time using the same standard of performance.

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Performance Reporting

Track progress and learn from insights throughout the performance cycle

Pulling data shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. 15Five makes it easy to get the insights you need quickly so you can focus on making decisions and taking action.

Explore Performance Reporting

Step 4

Make compensation decisions and enable career growth

Integrations with compensation platforms

Use performance reviews to make compensation decisions

Save time by quickly importing performance reviews and ratings into your compensation platform, and remove the need for outdated, error-prone, manual processes.

Explore Compensation
Rating distribution
Career Paths & Plans

End each performance cycle with a focus on growth

Give your people visibility into the various career paths available within your company, and the skills, responsibilities, and outcomes that are expected for each stage in each career path. But don’t stop there; help them take action and follow up on their progress.

Discover Career Paths and Plans
Congrats on growth

Unlock outstanding performance for your entire organization

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