Reduce bias in reviews and turn them into growth-oriented discussions

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Assess performance using a multi-dimensional approach by measuring the achievement of objectives, development of competencies, and application of company values. And gather 360 feedback from a variety of sources such as managers, peers, direct reports, and employees themselves.
Paul Whitney
15Five helps our employees embrace the continuous improvement philosophy by giving them a voice and prompting them through the process and questions.
John McCall
Associate Vice President, Finance & Controller

Reduce Bias with the Private Manager Assessment

Use 15Five's ratings alternative to reduce rater bias and promote fair and objective assessments of performance, inspired by Deloitte and highlighted in the April 2015 Harvard Business Review article, "Reinventing Performance Management", by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall.

Employee Competencies

Further reduce personal bias by relying on 15Five’s research-backed competency assessment that shines a light on skills and behavior critical for high performance.

Reduce bias further by including objectives in reviews

Reduce the reliance on personal opinion even further by making it easy to assess and track the achievement of business goals during performance reviews.

Emphasize Manager Effectiveness

Accurately assess the skills and behaviors exhibited by your managers that are driving performance. Then use those measurements to identify skill and perception gaps, while also enhancing transparency in the review process.

Performance Reviewer Choices

Unlock outstanding performance for your entire organization