Performance Ratings+

Create a custom measure of performance based on your organization’s needs across retention, promotion, and pay

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Assess performance using a multi-dimensional approach and quickly analyze results to make performance-based decisions

Establish the elements for performance to be measured

Create or edit existing templates within the Best Self Review® to determine what values, competencies, or assessments of performance will be measured

Determine the values assigned to key performance metrics

Account for the unique differences in Self or Manager review questions and determine the value across all sections of a review.

Develop a rubric that defines different levels of performance

Establish a standardized process when measuring performance using rubrics that provide managers with clear expectations and guidelines of what each rating means.

Configure reports in a way that best suits the needs of your organization

Sort and discover rating results by department level all the way down to individual employees; use these insights to highlight key questions that signal success.

Unlock outstanding performance for your entire organization