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Upskill your managers to drive business results and employee engagement at the same time

Jon Greenwalt, Customer Transformation SVP
About 15Five Transform

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Transform is a blended learning solution designed to help managers think as leaders who take action to keep their teams motivated, engaged, and thriving, leading to powerful business results. Watch the video to learn how.

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How we work

We partner with you to drive business results...

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We'll align on your outcomes, focus areas, and key stakeholders
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Train & Coach
Managers will learn and practice vital skills for manager growth
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Make progress by capturing, analyzing, and measuring impact

Transform your managers into leaders

Your managers will learn key leadership skills including the following: learn how to leverage their strengths, set team objectives, motivate their team, drive performance, and provide coaching and feedback that fosters growth.

Transform uses 15Five's exclusive Manager Accelerator™ to train and coach managers

Unlike other coaching solutions, we develop a manager coaching journey for your organization focused on driving business results, creating lasting change, and tailored for your unique challenges
A structured curriculum, collaboratively shaped by what your organization needs
Skills Training
Delivered live or online, managers will learn from seasoned experts in manager training
Managers will apply what they learn in the workplace, supported by certified coaches and monthly Manager Masterminds
We'll discuss cohort progress, gather feedback, and make adjustments based on business needs

Make it stick by helping managers learn, practice, and apply in the flow of work

Unique to 15Five Transform, managers will learn through a blend of instructor-led learning and coaching-based practice. Then, they'll apply their skills in the workplace before returning to their cohort to share what they've learned and continue advancing their skills.

Learn, Practice, Apply

Get started

Learn how skills-based manager coaching can help your organization drive business results

What makes us different

Our approach is flexible to meet your company’s needs yet scalable to serve your whole manager cohort

  • Training and coaching together
  • Delivered by in-house professionals
  • Cyclical learning for lasting change
  • Paired with time-saving software
  • Measurement of learning outcomes
Other solutions
  • Training or coaching
  • Delivered by outsourced contractors
  • Linear learning that’s easily forgotten
  • No tools to put learning into action
  • Limited to completion tracking
The Science

Every concept we cover is backed by evidence to help teams thrive and perform at the same time

We call it Best-Self Management where managers will focus on self-reflection, learning how to show care for their team, and driving results aligned with your company’s values. By the end, managers will be equipped to create a psychologically safe environment in which their teams can perform and thrive.

The Evidence
Larke Stuart
“You really get into the nitty-gritty of what’s going on with each manager and, as a result, we’ve seen scores and participation go up pretty drastically in the last year.”
Larke Stuart
Director of Human Resources, Birge & Held

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