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Abby Hamilton, VP of People Development @LiveIntent
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Why 15Five?

A human-centered platform to develop successful managers and unlock peak performance.

Learn how our approach is different

We make better managers.

We know effective managers are the key to employee engagement and peak performance. Unique features are built into every product, delivering a holistic solution to easily support, enable and empower managers’ success.

We're backed by science.

15Five is the only platform aligned to the latest positive psychology research. We’re not just helping you improve engagement and performance, we’re helping you create teams that achieve their full potential and thrive at work.

We deliver a complete solution.

Our performance coaching, professional development, training and vibrant global community fully support and drive results every step of your journey, to help transform teams in an impactful way.

More than 40,000

The number of teams who trust 15Five to help them build thriving workplaces.

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Kristi G
Director of People Experience
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Amanda H
Community Engagement Coordinator
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Jenny L.
Customer Success Manager
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Tom S
Founder & CEO
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Quirin S
CEO & Co-Founder
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“It’s intuitive and it works.”
Gregor F
Technical Support Specialist