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You’re at the Table… Now What? The Guide to Getting Executive Buy-In for Strategic HR Investments

Many organizations are more focused on their people and culture than ever before, and the world of work has realized that people both create value for your organization and deserve to feel valued as humans.

However, many strategic HR leaders — even within organizations claiming to care for and invest in their people and culture — are an afterthought when it comes to organizational vision, mission, strategy, and objectives. Strategic HR leaders need new skills and capabilities to fully partner with the CEO and their executive counterparts who lead different functions and departments.

In this playbook, we will walk you through how to get executive buy-in for strategic HR initiatives. We’ll give you tips on how to frame and present your pitch, and even share some templates at the end to help you craft an internal pitch for strategic HR investment based on your biggest pain point right now.

What’s Inside:

  • Types of strategic HR investments
  • How to speak like an executive
  • Common objections to strategic HR investments
  • Tactical tips on getting executive buy-in
  • Getting started on making the case for strategic HR
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