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15Five makes continuous employee feedback simple to drive high performing cultures.


Next Generation Performance Management

  • Grow without losing your culture
  • Maximize employee performance
  • Make every manager a great manager
  • Stop employee turnover in its tracks

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How  Creates a Culture of Feedback

Employees take 15 minutes
a week to answer questions.

Attention is focused on everything from personal productivity to team-wide morale.

Managers spend 5 minutes
to read and comment on responses.

Engage in meaningful dialogue that quickly transforms into improved business outcomes.

Feedback travels up the ladder through all levels of management.

Get the pulse and easily see what’s going on across the entire company, every week.

“Culture is one of those interesting things that I believe CEOs don’t spend enough time on. 15Five is an awesome place for our people to connect with management. They get to answer questions about their work and communicate if they are meeting their objectives and goals.”

Kyle Porter | CEO & Founder Watch the video

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