Remote Team Development

Keep teams connected and high-performing, wherever they are.


It’s not easy to keep your remote workforce thriving. And we should know: 15Five was built for—and by—distributed teams.
Remote Team Development

Stay Connected

Check-ins and 1-on-1s keep managers in regular touch with their teams, helping to clarify expectations, set priorities, and move everyone toward the finish line.

Check-in Questions

Stay Informed

Dashboards and reporting give managers the visibility they need to support employee engagement and performance, whether up close or from afar.

Reporting Trends

Stay Appreciative

Celebrate and recognize individual accomplishments with High Fives, creating a culture of connection, empowerment, and gratitude.

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Give your distributed teams the advantage.

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Increase motivation
Inspire growth and progress with BSR and Feedback Request.
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Strengthen Teams
Use 1-on-1s and Check-ins to connect employees and managers.
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Boost Morale
Keep your team in high spirits with High Fives and regular feedback.
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The Science

A research-backed way to support distributed teams.

From products that keep teams connected to growth-focused reviews, objective tracking, remote team development and more, 15Five’s holistic approach helps all your people thrive, wherever they are.

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David R Pearson
Implementing 15Five when we did, proved to be one of the most important systems that we have used to ensure our teams were engaged through such an abrupt transition due to COVID-19.
David R Pearson
SVP, HR & Organizational Development @Extensis HR