Improve employee performance in minutes

Some of the world’s most successful companies like Microsoft and GE use automated weekly check-ins for their performance reviews. The 15Five check-in replaces long reports, email threads, and spreadsheets with a handful of feedback questions served via a lightweight application. Managers get a sense of team morale, and can quickly realign employees around company goals.

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Customizable questions for any situation

Insightful feedback questions have a power all their own. What you ask can spark employee innovation or alert management to potential workplace problems. The 15Five Question Bank is loaded with dozens of categorized feedback questions, so that managers can impact key areas like employee performance, organizational culture, and morale. 

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“The information we glean from 15Five helps us in time and project prioritization, tapping into the emotional wellness of our team and providing a place for continued company culture.”

Brittni Kinney | Vice President

Complete visibility and versatility

Executives, directors, and managers are constantly seeking ways to gain visibility into every detail of their business from the people they lead. The feedback and employee performance metrics collected in 15Five can be viewed, responded to, passed up the ladder, sorted, and analyzed for trends that can improve performance management strategies.

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Check-in with your remote team from (almost) anywhere

How can managers motivate and support remote employees they never even see? With the right feedback tools to fuel your remote management strategy. We designed our beautiful iOS app, with high-functioning remote teams in mind. So managers can create a culture where employees feel heard, stay productive, and remain accountable, even from far away.

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