OKRs and Goals

Get total organizational alignment, crystal-clear focus, and super engaged teams.

With 15Five, it’s easy to set and track your company’s top objectives. Build OKRs that unify your team and inspire them to work toward the right goals, so everyone moves forward together.
Benefits List

Create OKRs that check all the boxes—and then some.

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Set Goals
Nail down company and individual objectives with ease.
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Track Easily
Follow every OKRs’ progress in real time.
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Stay Focused
Help teams and individuals stay on target.
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Set collaborative goals that engage your team.
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Remove Obstacles
Spot challenges and quickly address them.
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Parent-child OKRs help everyone make progress.

Set company OKRs

Clarify your top objectives and charge everyone’s work with purpose.

Set individual ones

Engage your team. Make goal-setting simple, empowering, and connected to company OKRs.

Then review them all, weekly.

Track the progress of your OKRs whenever you like, keeping everyone focused on what matters.

Achieve your top goals, together.

Set purposeful OKRs that get everyone on board.

The Science

A research-inspired approach to OKRs.

We turned to The Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa) and other critical research to inform our philosophy on OKRs.

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