Building Emotional Resilience Through Mindfulness Leadership

During a crisis, we are constantly faced with new obstacles and hardships. Resilience is what helps us to bounce back from these challenges, and is key to personal and professional growth. ‘Building Emotional Resilience’ will help your team develop the emotional skills they need to have this resiliency through mindfulness practices.

Join us as people leaders from 15Five, Wellness Coach and Morgan Stanley discuss ways to build emotional resilience for yourself and your organization.

In this webinar you will learn…

  • Why you need to build emotional resilience
  • How to leverage mindfulness as a path towards resilience
  • How to face challenging emotions and cultivate self-compassion
  • How to become emotionally resilient

Shane Metcalf

Shane Metcalf,
Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer at 15Five

Johanna GB Jackson,
Head of Operations & Meditation Coach at Morgan Stanley Mindulness