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Leverage 15Five’s HR Dashboard to unlock the power of your people data, take strategic action, and track impact - all with the power of AI for HR.

Transform HR Insights into Impactful Decisions

Step into your next leadership meeting armed with actionable insights, dynamic manager enablement plans, and executive-level impact reporting with our HR metrics dashboard.

Strategic HR Leaders love 15Five’s HR Outcomes Dashboard

15Five has transformed the way we harness our people data, making it simpler and more strategic without adding to our workload. By focusing on the essential signals within our data, we've moved from mere insights to decisive, accountable actions and our management team is now equipped to implement initiatives that show measurable success. Data analytics should tell the story that HR may have been challenged to tell in the past.

David Pearson

HR, SHRM-CP SVP, People & Culture

Our People Team priorities and roadmap are built around driving engagement, performance, and retention. The 15Five HR Outcomes Dashboard helps us elevate our key people metrics to cut through the noise and influence our most senior stakeholders.

Scott Morgan

Senior Director of People Growth

Connect performance management to business outcomes, take action, and drive results

Unlock trendlines for employee engagement, performance and retention. Act on AI-powered recommendations to improve the HR outcomes that drive business performance, all in one place.

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Draft an action plan using 15Five's HR Outcomes Dashboard

Unlock In-Depth Executive and HR Data Insights

Elevate your strategic oversight with advanced HR dashboards and filters you can easily share across your leadership team. Visualize organizational trends and outcomes with impactful reporting, designed for better decision-making and alignment.

15Five HR Outcomes Dashboard

Strategic Action Planning: Drive Measurable Change

Empower your teams with streamlined planning and campaign creation. Assign action plans to department heads or managers, track progress, and ensure accountability. Drive impactful results with enhanced tracking and comprehensive reporting.

Action plan example- HR Outcomes Dashboard

Increase the Effectiveness of Your People Managers

Unlock your managers' full potential with AI-assisted support and customizable learning journeys using our Human Resources dashboard. Help managers scale their impact, driving team performance and foster continuous growth. Equip your leaders to succeed, ensuring your organization thrives at every level.

Manager Effectiveness Score example - HR Outcomes Dashboard

Manager Effectiveness Indicator

Get detailed insight into the effectiveness (and impact) of your managers by actively measuring both skills and behaviors across the organization, from groups and cohorts down to individual leaders.

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HR teams need tools that can convert the mountain of data collected by such initiatives into actionable insights. Additionally, such tools should make it easy for HR to track the impact of actions taken and hold managers accountable. 15Five's newest updates are a good example of how AI-powered tools can be put to practical use and ensure HR is prioritizing executive-level insights.
Stacey Harris
Chief Research Officer and Managing Partner of Sapient Insights Group

Capitalize on your existing people data to clearly identify the insights that matter most.

Start taking action and showcasing the value of your HR programs on business outcomes by implementing a dynamic HR dashboard solution.

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Performance and Growth

HR Outcomes Playbook: Unlocking the True Business Value of HR

This playbook is designed to help you, the HR leader, operate in a way that enlightens and excites the rest of the executive team about the true value that HR can provide to an organization and its bottom line.

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