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Welcome to the Best-Self Management podcast where we explore the brave new world of bringing your whole self to work. Best-Self Management proposes that if leaders build cultures and institute practices that support people in being and becoming their Best Selves, then high performance and uncommon loyalty is the result.

Co-hosts, David Hassell and Shane Metcalf, regularly discuss the uniquely healthy and productive cofounder relationship they’ve built at 15Five over the last 7 years. They also interview academics, business leaders, and coaches, who are revolutionizing our understanding of human performance and what it takes to build a thriving culture that celebrates every employee and guides them towards greatness.

Season 2: Guests

Laura Garnett 15Five Podcast

Laura Garnett

Laura is a performance strategist, Mother, TEDx speaker, and author of The Genius Habit. She works with CEOs and executives to identify their Zone of Genius, and craft an actionable plan to leverage it in their day-to-day work. She has consulted with organizations including Capital One, Pandora, LinkedIn, and Instructure. Prior to launching her own company, New York City-based Garnett Consulting, she honed her marketing, strategy, and career-refining skills at companies like Capital One, American Express, IAC, and Google.

Joe Mechlinski

Joe is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and social entrepreneur who believes that an engaged workforce is the key to unlocking human potential. Always embarking on new adventures, Joe launched his podcast, Shift Happens, which features inspiring icons and influencers such as New York Times bestselling author Dan Pink, and three-time New York Times bestselling author Tucker Max.

Anese Cavanaugh

Anese helps people show up, bring their best selves to the table, and create significant positive impact in their lives. The creator of the IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence), she is a speaker, advisor and thinking partner to leaders around the world. Anese is currently working on her 3rd book, CONTAGIOUS YOU: Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want.

Vanessa Shaw

Vannessa is the founder of The Workplace Lab, a design thinking incubator for HR & Talent leaders. She supports leaders to bring empathy and creativity into the workplace. Whether working with United Nations, Military cadets at West Point, or at home in Silicon Valley with tech companies, she helps people answer the question, “Can my job be an expression of my creativity?”

Season 2: Episodes

Episode 6 | 12/10/2019

Courageously Embracing Your Genius w/ Laura Garnett

In this interview, we sit down with performance strategist, Laura Garnett, to discuss the unique “genius” we all possess. We’ve been conditioned to think that the hyper-intelligent are the only ones exclusive to this title, but truly, we all have natural strengths that bring immense value at work. When we are working in roles that flex our one-of-a-kind expertise while simultaneously fueling our passions, this state is known as the Zone of Genius.

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Episode 5 | 11/05/2019

Leadership Practices For A More Positive Workplace

In our 10th episode, we discuss the benefits of creating a more positive workplace for you and your employees. We also share what we’ve learned from the field of positive psychology and how we’re able to shift our default mindsets from one that is threatened, to one that is positive and fruitful.

Positivity can manifest in many ways, including gratitude, appreciation, and of course, healthier more productive relationships.

A focus on positivity is one of the easiest ways to help the relationships in your organization thrive. When that happens, not only does the bottom line improve, but the people that make up your organization will be more connected and committed to each other and your company’s mission.

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Episode 4 | 10/22/2019

Intrinsic Motivation Pt. 2: Operating From Your Deeper Why

This is part two of our discussion on how to help inspire your people by connecting them to their internal and intrinsic motivators. In this episode, we’re going deeper into self-actualization and mastery. By helping the people around you develop and nourish a growth-mindset, meaningful and effective progress is inevitable.

At 15Five we routinely help our people set self-development objectives in addition to business goals. We’ve found that although this can be challenging, it ultimately leads to more introspection on the part of participants and creates opportunities for overall growth.

Finally, we discuss the importance of giving each other true autonomy. This means granting people the trust they need to do the work that’s required. As managers, we can choose to let our people take the lead and make the right decisions. 

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Episode 3 | 10/08/2019

Connecting People To Deeper Intrinsic Motivation Pt. 1

Motivation sparks everything we do and helps us choose where to focus in our busy lives. We have motivations for why we’re in relationships, listen to certain podcasts, and even how we work.

Intrinsic motivation is the sustainable way to drive employee performance. It’s all about incentive and deriving pleasure from the activity itself (e.g., a genuine interest in a project or strategic initiative) rather than because of any external benefits that might be obtained.

External motivators can only go so far to drive someone’s performance in life and in business. Personal fulfillment doesn’t come from a paycheck or the end-goal five years down the road; true motivation comes from waking up day-to-day excited to use our unique strengths and capabilities.

In this episode, David and Shane examine what lies behind intrinsic motivation in the workplace and why it’s a far more powerful way to encourage performance.

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Episode 2 | 09/24/2019

How Leaders Can Create Psychological Safety In The Workplace

Psychological safety hinges on making sure your people feel both respected and accepted. Remove the fear of making mistakes to support risk-taking as part of your company ethos.

There are several practical ways to build psychological safety inside your organization. We share what has worked for us at 15Five and how you can do it too. It involves building a supportive culture at work, having open and honest communication between managers and employees, and having high degrees of vulnerable trust at the leadership level.

Learn about the negative consequences that arise when your people do not feel supported and heard, and the role a manager has in creating a high level of psychological safety with their team.

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Episode 1 | 09/10/2019

What Exactly Is Best-Self Management?

Tune in for an overview of the methodology that we developed at 15Five, that we call “Best-Self Management.” We’re explaining the principles and notions that we believe point the way to a better way of working, leading, and developing our people so that we can thrive as companies, individuals, and ultimately as a society.

We explain how our experience with promoting Best-Self Management in the workplace has been a true win-win for everyone in our company and how it contrasts with the historical norm. Really, our goal is to show how we bring out the innate greatness in our people so that they can thrive, and in doing so, the business will too.

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Season 1: Episodes

Episode 5 | 08/06/2019

Reimagining The Employee Experience With Design Thinking w/ Vanessa Shaw

Your job is not simply a means to an end, a way of putting bread on the table. What if we looked at our jobs more as a way of expressing our creativity? This may sound like a radical idea, but as today’s guest explains, it’s not only possible but essential that we design an extraordinary employee experience that unlocks the potential of our people.

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Episode 4 | 07/23/2019

Present And Impactful Leadership w/ Anese Cavanaugh

In this interview, Anese discusses how we can all show up at work with intentionality behind what we hope to accomplish, and how we interact with one other. She also dives into ways we can be present with the energy we bring so that the people around us feel better supported, inspired, and motivated.

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Episode 3 | 07/09/2019

A Shared Experience Of Trust At Work w/ Joe Mechlinski

We unpack the topic of workplace trust as an essential part of any highly functioning organization. We also explore the research around the intelligence of our hearts and guts, and what scientists are saying when it comes to listening to these vital parts of ourselves.

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Episode 2 | 06/24/2019

Facilitate Transformational Company Retreats

Today, we’re exploring the importance of retreats. We’ve been putting these together since the start, even when there were only a handful of us here launching the company. We still hold them every year and the benefits have been substantial! We explain the many benefits we have seen as the result of our company retreats and how to get your employees enthusiastically involved.

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Episode 1 | 06/21/2019

Healthy Leadership Teams

In our first episode, our guests will be… ourselves! We interview each other about where we went right over the years and where we went wrong. We started with a belief that there’s a different way to do business and that the key to creating a thriving, sustainable company in the long term was supporting our people. Coming off our latest all-company retreat, many employees shared how unique an experience they had of connection with others and of a shift in mindset around what’s possible for their growth in a business setting.

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Your Hosts

David Hassell
David Hassell

David is a business columnist, speaker, and serial entrepreneur who believes that when leaders institute cultural practices that support each person in being and becoming their best self, high performance and uncommon loyalty naturally result. As CEO and cofounder of 15Five, David created the science-inspired Best-Self Management methodology that helps leaders and managers address the hidden factors that stimulate sustainable growth—things like intrinsic motivation, growth mindset, and psychological safety. David and the team practice Best-Self Management and use 15Five internally, which they credit with their near zero attrition, rapid growth, and awards like Inc.’s Best Places to Work. David was named “The Most Connected Man You Don’t Know in Silicon Valley” by Forbes Magazine. He has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Fast Company.

Follow him on Twitter @dhassell.

Shane Metcalf
Shane Metcalf

Shane is a seasoned executive coach and keynote speaker who is obsessed with building healthy organizations, and creating the opportunity for people to have meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Driven by his deep belief in the potential of our species, Shane co-founded 15Five, industry-leading performance management software that helps leaders and managers drive high performance and build phenomenal cultures via a suite of features including weekly check-ins, OKR tracking, 1-on-1s, and employee appreciation. As Chief Culture Officer, Shane understands what fundamentally motivates people, how to architect high performance, how to build strong relationships, and which principles and rituals create “self-organizing cultures”. Shane has been featured in Inc., The New York Post, Fast Company, and the Washington Post.

Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.