Easily create, track and manage OKRs

15Five helps structure your performance management process without slowing you or your team down. Rooted in the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) goal-setting process, you can create individual, department, and company-wide objectives.

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Keep OKRs top of mind

The process of tracking OKRs inside 15Five won’t disrupt your employee’s workflow. While completing their 15Five report, individuals quickly set the status of the objective each week (on track, at risk, or behind), and can update the progress on key results throughout the timeframe.

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“15Five and OKRs has simplified the performance management process. My team is no longer worried about ancillary projects. OKRs are kept top of mind and my team is focused on trending towards results.”

oe-connection-15five Shane Murphy | Manager, Field Services & Account Support oeconnection

Create a culture of accountability

OKRs allow everyone in the organization to know how their collective efforts propel the company forward. When individual employees are aware of their colleagues’ progress, they can then work together to achieve department and company-wide objectives.

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Customize and export reporting data

Your 15Five report data shouldn’t live in a vacuum. With 15Five’s Custom Reports, you can filter, drill-down, and export detailed insights on objectives, such as who owns the initiative, status, the timeframe for completion, and manager feedback.

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