Notice of Security, Privacy, and/or Sub-processor Changes

Updated: June 30, 2022

A sub-processor is an unrelated third party that processes Personal Information on our behalf. This is a common practice among software providers like us. We’ll try not to get too technical here, we just want you to know what’s shifting for your benefit and we will include links for further clarification. Our number one priority is to protect your data and we assure you that all of your personal information will remain safe.

15Five Platform sub-processor modifications

15Five uses responsible and vetted sub-processors to provide infrastructure and other support services to ensure our application is available, responsive, secure and that our staff can adequately support your organization in achieving your goals using our suite of tools.

In this shift, 15Five, Inc. will be adding the following sub-processors:

  • Modulus Data Inc., a U.S. company offering outsourcing services for software integrations with HR platforms. Modulus Data supports in avoiding manual double-data entry between HR apps.
    • Modulus Data Inc. will process non-sensitive categories of personal data.
  • Momentive Inc. (GetFeedback) , a U.S. company offering a modern tool for feedback collection and to build better experiences across the customer journey.
    • Momentive Inc. (GetFeedback) will process non-sensitive categories of personal data.
  • Meetsy, a U.S. corporation headquartered in New York, offers a modern tool that scales relationship building and fosters connection within companies and communities.
    • We expect that Meetsy will process non-sensitive categories of personal data.
  • Zendesk, a U.S. corporation headquartered in San Francisco, offers a modern toolset for customer support and knowledge management.
    • We expect that Zendesk will process non-sensitive categories of personal data, including email and full name.

These changes meet or exceed industry standard security and data protection practices. We have prepared a document with information we believe most organizations will need in order to complete a Transfer Impact Assessment.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to request a copy of this documentation.

A full list of sub-processors for the 15Five suite of software can be found here: