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How FlexJobs Created More Top Performers with 15Five

Logan Hendrickson
Logan Hendrickson

FlexJobs is on a mission to empower remote workers to cut through the scams and junk listings to find the remote career that best suits them.

The Challenge

Before they started using 15Five, the team at FlexJobs had two problems many HR professionals can relate to: wasted time and missed insights. There was no shortage of dedication to the mission—helping everyone bring their best self to work—but the team needed a way to introduce more structure and consistency into everything they did.

From guesswork to best work

“With 15Five, there was a huge change. Because suddenly I had visibility into what people at all levels of the organization were thinking about on a weekly basis. Immediately the feedback from not just managers but employees themselves was really positive.” – Carol Cochran, VP of People & Culture at FlexJobs

Once Carol’s teams started using 15Five, the insights poured in. The platform created a level of transparency throughout the organization that everyone could benefit from. Employees could know exactly where they stood, how appreciated their best work was, and where they could focus on growth. Managers didn’t just get better feedback on their performance, but had a better sense of where they stood compared to the rest of the organization and how they could be a superstar leader for their team.

Carol’s teams took the guesswork out of performance management and employee engagement with 15Five.

Create more top performers with Transform

“The curriculum and the content was really about empowering people. The emphasis on the need to create psychological safety, and the fact that it’s such a cornerstone is really powerful for us.” – Carol Cochran, VP of People & Culture at FlexJobs

The organizations that outperform the rest know that investing in learning is key to keeping your top performers at the top of their game while raising the ability of their overall workforce. But building an in-house learning database can be costly, and third-party education platforms have a mixed track record.

With Transform, 15Five’s built-in manager training and coaching platform, Carol’s teams have the resources they need to put managers on the path to becoming the best leaders they can be.

Effective leaders lead to increased engagement, performance, and retention. Transform is packed with bite-sized training materials, masterclasses from influential educators like Dr Beverly Kaye and Marshall Goldsmith, and access to certified performance coaches.

How FlexJobs Uses 15Five

The team at FlexJobs relies on 15Five to give them the data insights and actions they need to help support everyone in the organization.

  • Measure and act on outcomes: The HR Outcomes Flywheel is how 15Five helps organizations measure their key outcomes, gather insights around those outcomes, and take the right actions that move the needle forward.
  • Leverage effective managers: Transform helps managers upskill in the areas they need to become more effective and the core platform tools help them bring those skills to life through impactful 1-on-1s, regular check-ins, 360 feedback, and more.
  • 360 performance management: Turn performance reviews into a performance improvement plan with 15Five. Get aggregate performance data that helps HR teams know exactly how to support the organization’s needs. Make better compensation decisions and reduce bias with 15Five’s calibrations so you get a consistent view of everyone’s performance.
  • Engagement: 15Five’s engagement surveys are built for easy analysis and better action, allowing HR leaders to measure what actually matters. Get a better understanding of what drives engagement in your organization, and use that knowledge to drive every decision.
  • Goal-setting: With 15Five’s OKRs and Goals, you can keep the entire organization aligned on what matters most. Help managers turn organization-wide goals into their team’s North Star and allow employees to know exactly how their every action contributes to the overall business.

15Five is always there when you need it

“When I need it, I feel like I can suddenly expand my team. The willingness of people at 15Five to talk through different things with me, to brainstorm ideas with me, to talk big, or talk details when I need that has been extremely helpful.” – Carol Cochran, VP of People & Culture at FlexJobs

Whether you need an extra bit of knowledge or just a second set of eyes, 15Five’s experts can help you through some of your toughest dilemmas and keep you doing what you do best: showing up. Because 15Five is more than just a platform, it’s also a team of allies ready to help you win your toughest HR battles. For Carol’s team, having access to that expertise was a game changer.

Help everyone be their best selves and drive business performance with 15Five

“We’ve barely scratched the surface of what we can do with 15Five.”Carol Cochran, VP of People & Culture at FlexJobs

Learn more about how you can replicate Carol’s success with 15Five.