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How 15Five Helped over 35% of Managers Improve Engagement, Performance, and Intent to Stay on Their Teams

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Delaney Valente

Core Medical Group is shifting from reactive to strategic HR practices, leveraging 15Five to lead the way.

In the competitive healthcare and staffing sector, managing employee engagement and performance with efficiency poses a significant challenge, particularly when relying on reactive, paper-based systems. Core Medical Group‘s transition from traditional methods to embracing 15Five’s continuous approach has revolutionized their approach to performance management

The Challenge

Lynn Como, the Director of Human Resources at Core Medical Group reflects on the cumbersome process of managing employee reviews and feedback before 15Five.

“Before 15Five, embarrassingly enough, we were still on paper. And really, as an HR professional, managing all that paper, or even just emails, trying to review them to gauge how a group or a manager was performing was next to impossible,”Lynn Como, Director of Human Resources at Core Medical Group

The inefficiency of the old system impeded Core Medical Group’s ability to confidently assess manager performance and understand the sentiments and productivity of various employee groups, compromising effective human resource management.

Choosing and Integrating 15Five

The search for a solution led Lynn and her team through numerous product demos, comparing different tools that could streamline their performance management processes. Ultimately, 15Five emerged as the clear choice, offering a comprehensive package that met all their needs.

“It was not just a tool for our managers but also for our staff, all in a nice little package where my managers and my team could go to just one place,”Lynn Como, Director of Human Resources at Core Medical Group

The adoption of 15Five was primarily driven by its ability to enhance manager-employee connections, improving engagement, retention, and turnover. This platform seamlessly integrates communication, feedback, performance management, and the ‘high fives’ recognition feature.

The Positive Impact of 15Five on Managers and Staff

The introduction of 15Five has significantly eased the management load for Lynn’s team, which includes thirty-three managers. The platform facilitates clear and effective communication about goals and performance across all levels of staff.

“All of that makes it a lot easier for managers to have a conversation about what we want to do for our staff, who needs to be where, and how to get there”.Lynn Como, Director of Human Resources at Core Medical Group

The tools provided by 15Five allow for real-time feedback and continuous performance evaluations, which are essential in the fast-paced medical field.

Follow This and Watch The Magic Happen

Core Medical Group uses 15Five to get insights and recommendations for managers on what will make the biggest impact to their top level metrics which has been met with remarkable results. 

“We were told to follow this and watch the magic happen. At the end of twenty-one days, I was blown away to find out that we had three managers improve engagement, four managers enhance performance within their teams, and five managers increase the intent to stay,”.Lynn Como, Director of Human Resources at Core Medical Group

This success prompted full-time adoption, showcasing the action plans’ simplicity and effectiveness in enhancing team dynamics and performance.

Expanding Success: Core Medical Group’s Future with 15Five

Encouraged by the positive outcomes, Lynn is eager to see 15Five’s recommended actions fully deployed across the entire management team.

“It was truly awesome. I can’t wait to have it fully deployed to all our team.”Lynn Como, Director of Human Resources at Core Medical Group

The simple yet profound impact of the reminders and check-ins facilitated by 15Five have proven invaluable.

By strategically implementing 15Five and empowering managers to boost engagement and performance, Core Medical Group has not only improved HR efficiency but also cultivated a more engaging and productive workplace culture. Their success highlights the transformative power of modern HR tools in managing employee engagement and performance.

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