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How 15Five Helps Auror Retain 94% of Employees

Logan Hendrickson

15Five is helping Auror cultivate a culture of trust, growth, and connection.

A focus on manager effectiveness

In the fast-paced world of retail crime intelligence, Auror has been leading the charge with its innovative platform. To stay ahead in their game, they needed a tool that could keep up with their rapid growth and evolving needs. They found the perfect solution for their people management and development in 15Five. Kirsti Grant, the VP of People Experience at Auror, shares how 15Five has been the driving force behind their success story.

Listening, Learning, and Scaling with 15Five

Kirsti’s journey with 15Five began years ago when Auror adopted the platform for weekly check-ins, engagement surveys, performance reviews, and Transform leadership development. The aim was clear – to foster better connections between managers and their teams. Kirsti remembers the impact her experiences with 15Five had on prior companies, as they too embraced the platform to improve communication, productivity, and manager effectiveness.

“Auror has a really strong culture of trust that has been built on a foundation of a great connection between our managers and their employees. We’ve got retention of around the 94% percent mark. When someone has that feeling that their manager understands them, so much good can come from that.” Kirsti Grant, VP of People Experience

Building a Culture of Trust

As Auror scaled globally, gathering feedback became essential. The use of 15Five’s Engage surveys and check-ins allowed team members to share their thoughts and ideas easily. The feedback gathered played a pivotal role in building a strong culture of trust within the organization. When employees feel heard and valued, it leads to higher retention rates, and Auror has an impressive 94% employee retention. This is a testament to the power of a trusting environment and managers who are being invested in.

Performance Reviews: A Future-Focused Approach

One of the standout features for Kirsti and her team is the “Best Self Review.” The forward-looking review process enables Kirsti and her team to understand performance, align on priorities, and anticipate future challenges. By addressing potential issues early on, leadership is able to prevent them from escalating, leading to more positive outcomes for both the team and the company as a whole.

Partnering with Transform for Leadership Development

Before 15Five, Auror’s leadership development capability was lacking. With the adoption of Transform, everything changed. The Transform team became valuable partners in delivering a variety of learning experiences. Auror invested in its people leaders with feedback workshops and personalized manager training and coaching. They empowered forty leaders to grow through the platform, while also providing online learning opportunities to all employees interested in leadership development.

The Ripple Effect of 15Five

Kirsti is no stranger to high-growth technology companies, and her recommendation of 15Five to others is rooted in her firsthand experience. The platform offers businesses a clear understanding of their internal dynamics and facilitates direct feedback from team members. For Kirsti, it not only improved her leadership abilities within Auror but has made her a more effective leader.

Finding a reliable partner

The success story of Auror and Kirsti Grant is a testament to how 15Five can transform an organization’s people experience. By embracing a culture of trust, enabling future-focused reviews, and investing in leadership development, 15Five has become an indispensable tool for Auror’s growth and success. As Kirsti and her team continue to solve real-world problems for high-growth companies, 15Five remains their most reliable partner, driving them towards a future of continued success.

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