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Elevating Performance Management: How 15Five Transformed OpenSignal’s Employee Engagement

Logan Hendrickson

15Five is helping OpenSignal increase their engagement and performance.

Staying aligned with your organization’s goals and objectives can be a challenging feat. At OpenSignal, the leading global provider of independent insight and data into network experience and market performance, this challenge was met head-on and conquered with the help of the 15Five platform. 15Five not only enabled OpenSignal to enhance its performance management systems but also fostered a profound sense of engagement and purpose among its employees.

From Manual to Mastery: Streamlining Performance Management

Before implementing 15Five, OpenSignal grappled with the intricacies of performance management through manual processes. Extracting vital data and deciphering actionable insights from it often consumed weeks of time, leaving room for inefficiencies and delays. The process lacked the speed and agility required in today’s dynamic landscape. Recognizing the need for a transformation, Senior Business Partner and People Partner, Christan Cavanaugh, and the OpenSignal team embraced 15Five, a platform that promised to leverage data for informed decision-making and elevate the performance management experience to drive real business outcomes.

The impact was swift and noticed immediately. OpenSignal’s journey with 15Five translated into heightened people partnership and collaboration from HR to the rest of the org. 15Five’s engagement survey was instrumental in enabling the rapid uncovering of data and facilitating actionable steps. What was once a time-consuming ordeal had evolved into a streamlined process, delivering a repository of valuable insights, all within a few clicks.

The Power of Unity: Having Insights At Our Fingertips

Centralization can often be the catalyst for productivity and growth, especially as teams are more and more siloed today with growing teams, remote work, and navigating multiple time zones. 15Five served as a cohesive force, uniting vital information in a single, accessible repository. The simplicity of drop-down menus and the ability to delve deep into specific areas streamlined processes, making information readily available at the fingertips of managers when they needed it most. In essence, 15Five acted as an enabler, fostering a culture of efficiency and responsiveness.

Using insights from engagement data helped the people team at OpenSignal create action plans to help support their crucial assets – their managers – and help them be more effective in driving things like engagement, retention, and performance.

“The Engagement Surveys by far have been a game changer in terms of how quickly we can get the data and make actions happen.”

Christian Cavanaugh, Senior Business Partner and People Partner

Empowering Managers: From Coaching to Comfortable Conversations

OpenSignal’s commitment to nurturing talent starts with its managers, who form the backbone of any successful organization. Through Transform manager training and group coaching, they have empowered managers to navigate their roles with renewed confidence and effectiveness. The collaborative and encouraging manner in which messages were delivered catalyzed a transformation. Conversations that used to be difficult took on a new life – becoming open, supportive, and constructive dialogues. This shift was instrumental in nurturing the innate desire of employees to lean in and contribute when they feel the support and belief from their manager.

Transform facilitated a pivotal change in the OpenSignal ecosystem. Individuals who once hesitated to engage in certain conversations now found themselves stepping into these dialogues with newfound comfort and enthusiasm. The result was not only a boost in employee-manager relationships but also a surge in overall engagement and productivity.

Cultivating Performance: Empowering Individuals for Collective Success

Today, more than ever before, success hinges on the ability to harness human potential, nurture growth, and foster a sense of purpose. OpenSignal’s partnership with 15Five exemplifies this philosophy in action. By embracing data-driven decision-making, streamlining processes, and empowering managers with effective coaching, the organization has cultivated a culture of that not only helps retain their top talent, but that performs with excellence.

15Five serves as the driving force behind OpenSignal’s journey towards becoming a workplace where each individual is empowered to deliver their best. The platform’s ability to connect employees with their work, purpose, and the broader organizational objectives has resulted in a transformation that is noteworthy and impacting metrics the C-suite cares about.

OpenSignal  is a testament to how focusing on HR outcomes (not outputs) can transform not only the way an organization operates but also how its employees perceive and engage with their roles. The journey from manual processes to a unified, data-driven, and purpose-oriented approach serves as an inspiration for their teams internally, highlighting the potential of people’s impact on the business to new heights.

Discover how 15Five can transform your organization’s performance management and foster a culture of engagement and high performance. Get a demo to learn how you can join the ranks of trailblazers like OpenSignal and embark on a journey towards a brighter, more productive future.