Capture the full picture of employee performance

Within the weekly 15Five, employees and managers can easily flag wins and challenges, and view progress on key objectives and recognition. Those metrics and details are then aggregated into one central place for an accurate, evidence-based view of quarterly performance.

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Get relevant 360° and upward feedback

For a well-rounded view of a person’s impact, employees and their manager can nominate co-workers for the peer review. Managers also can get feedback from their direct reports on how they’re performing.

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360 reviews

“What I love about 15Five is that it’s designed to follow how a core business process, performance management, works in real life and reflects how managers and employees actually engage in this process.”

Paul Whitney | Chief People Officer

Access researched-backed question templates

We are experts at asking weekly feedback questions, but for Best-Self Reviews we asked what the science says. 15Five’s templates are based on positive psychology and the growth mindset, and are designed to cultivate employee engagement and development.

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Easily manage and customize performance review cycles

HR has complete control over the entire review cycle, including when performance reviews are due and milestone meetings between employees and managers take place. You can set automated emails to remind people to complete their performance evaluations.

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“15Five allows for clarity of communication and keeps everyone on the same page about what people are doing and why.”

EricRichard-hubspot Eric Richards | VP Engineering hubspot marketing automation

Less admin time, more review completions

Best-Self Reviews can all be easily managed and tracked from one beautifully designed dashboard. HR can view company-wide progress, send reminders, and drill-down into every performance review. Managers and employees can see their progress and also nudge someone to complete their review on time.

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Inform future pay conversations

Research shows that it’s important to separate salary and development conversations. The Private Manager Assessment is designed to gauge employee performance each quarter, using five future-focused questions on promotion readiness and eligibility for compensation increase.

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“15Five has been one of the best investments we made for culture and employee engagement.”

Andrew Andrew Meadows | SVP HR, Brand, & Culture ubiquity-logo-horizontal

Why We Created the Best-Self Review

15Five firmly believes that individual high performance is a natural byproduct of someone being, and becoming, their best self. The Best-Self Review fills the gap between infrequent and ineffective annual employee reviews and tactical weekly check-ins by creating a quarterly cycle of reflection and intention setting. You can learn more about how we developed this performance management practice here.

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