Manager Copilot: AI Management Assistant

Meet the AI-powered assistant designed to increase manager effectiveness

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Give managers 24/7 access to guidance and resources for everything they need to know to be a high-performing leader

Your manager’s new trusted guide

Give managers instant assistance with learning and recommendations to support their teams, when and where they need it.

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Helping busy managers know where to focus

Copilot understands each team's sentiments, performance, and engagement levels to help managers make informed decisions and get the most from their teams.

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Tailored professional development for managers, accessible on demand

Access recommended resources based on the situation to enhance manager skills and leadership capabilities. From providing feedback to goal-setting, Manager Copilot is there every step of the way.

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How Manager Copilot Works
Access Copilot from anywhere:
Managers get real-time, AI-powered assistance within the flow of work – less context switching, more driving the right actions.
Ask for anything you need:
Managers now have a 24/7 AI chat assistant resource for anything they need from “how to set effective goals” to “what should I ask in my next 1-on-1” and everything in between. Plus, with dynamic prompts that adjust based on context, they will always receive relevant guidance no matter where you are in the platform.
Watch manager effectiveness skyrocket:
By empowering managers – your organization's most critical asset – HR can meaningfully move the needle on engagement, performance, and retention.
Empower your managers. Elevate your team.
Leverage the power of Manager Copilot.