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2021 Workplace Report

Lessons Learned In the Midst of The Great Resignation: Holistic Career Pathing Is Key to Retaining and Attracting Employees

It’s way easier and more cost effective to retain your great employees than to hire new ones. So what’s your strategy for keeping your best talent? According to our latest research, retaining some employees may be as simple as empowering them to discover and apply their strengths to work that they find meaningful.

For our 2021 Workplace Report, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults employed full time to understand how people feel about their potential for career advancement within their workplace and the importance that professional development resources have on retention. We learned that career growth and learning and development are among the most important factors (cited by 49.7%) for remaining at a company.

Table of Contents:

I. Employee retention is tied to career growth
II. Professional development is an unmet need
​​III. Employees want opportunities to discover and leverage their strengths
IV. Companies are ignoring the warning signs
V. Strategies for retaining and attracting talent 
VI. A strengths-driven approach to people development

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