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15Five’s Best-Practices For Creating Continuous Performance Reviews

When it comes to traditional employee performance reviews, research shows that even the best managers can be highly biased. Without the right strategy and solutions in place, our personal biases are difficult to avoid when assessing someone else’s performance. But in order to create impactful and positive experiences, reviews must be fair, consistent, and most importantly—objective.

15Five’s Best-Self Review™ aims to do just that. This research-backed review system offers a more accurate and objective view of employee performance through continuous performance snapshots, specifically with the help of our Private Manager Assessment and Competency Assessment.

What’s inside?

  • A look into why traditional performance review methods such as rankings and ratings are ineffective and even damaging
  • The keys to conducting impactful, accurate, and positive reviews
  • How the data overwhelmingly supports the use of Private Manager Assessments and Competency Assessments over ratings and rankings
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