HRIS Integrations

Save time by automatically syncing data with your HRIS

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HRIS integrations
15Five plays nice with your tech stack so you can have the best of 15Five and your HRIS. Using 15Five's HRIS integrations, create a convenient, easy-to-use experience tailored to your company's needs.

Eliminate manual work by syncing your employee data between your HRIS and 15Five

Maintain the most accurate employee data in 15Five based on your HRIS.

Give easy access to employees by using your HRIS to authenticate 15Five users

Authenticate your employees for access to 15Five based on your HRIS, making the login experience as simple as possible.


Coming soon: Send performance data back to your HRIS

Maintain your HRIS as the central source of truth for all your critical reporting needs. Unlike most HRIS integrations, 15Five will also automatically send employee performance data back to your HRIS. Starting in April 2022, we'll offer such 2-way HRIS integrations with ADP, followed by UKG and Workday coming soon!

Productivity integrations

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