Fast, automated, seamless Paylocity integration

  • Effortless User Management
  • Seamless Employee Data Sync
  • Tailor Data Sync Preferences
  • Customize Attributes

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Over 3,500+ companies trust 15Five to drive engagement, performance and retention

Why the HRIS Connector?

Instant and Automated

The HRIS Connector facilitates automated data syncs every 24 hours, reducing manual efforts and ensuring real-time information availability.

Up-to-Date and Accurate

Say goodbye to outdated data. The HRIS Connector keeps your HRIS and 15Five data in sync, minimizing discrepancies.

Secure and Reliable

Your data security is our priority. The HRIS Connector employs robust security measures to protect your sensitive information.

Get the most out of Paylocity

Your HRIS is great at storing data, but you need that data in 15Five to take action. When you instantly connect your data you can impact outcomes like engagement, retention, and performance faster.

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Strategic HR Leaders love the HRIS Connector

Integrating our HRIS data was a very smooth process. Everything worked perfectly! One of the biggest selling points for 15Five is that it is intuitive for our employees, managers, and admins, and the HRIS integration was a great example of that.
Mary Sajfar
VP Operations Training and Development

Unlock the Power of Seamless Data Connectivity

Get to insights and action even faster. Ditch the manual data sync process, saving time, reducing errors, and boosting overall efficiency.

Paylocity + 15Five = better together

Your HRIS is the source of truth for your people data, but it’s not built for performance management or driving business outcomes. When you combine your HRIS data with the power of 15Five you have everything you need to make an impact on engagement, retention, and performance.

Get set up in minutes

It takes just a few clicks to automatically sync your user data and stop wasting time and energy ensuring your data is accurate. Within minutes, your HRIS data will be automatically synced, setting you up for success right away.

Enhanced Analytics

Leverage the HR Outcomes Dashboard and Manager Effectiveness Indicator to access rich actionable insights. The HRIS Connector enables seamless population of data on the dashboard, enabling comprehensive measurement of HR impact on business outcomes.

HRIS Integration that just works

Simple, fast, and headache-free

5 Starts
"It was a lot easier than I thought. Much more straightforward. Easier than most integrations we’ve ever had"
5 Starts
"Easiest integration I've done. Congratulations. HRIS Connector guide is perfect."
5 Starts
“This is great. We’re a tricky company with a lot of employees, so if it’s working for us it works for everyone.”

Connect your system of record
with your system of action

  • Automatic provisioning / deprovisioning of users
  • Seamless employee data synchronization between HRIS and 15Five
  • Custom attribute creation from HRIS fields in 15Five
  • Detailed sync history and troubleshooting support
  • Configurable inclusion/exclusion filters for users
  • Mapping options for group types and groups from HRIS to 15Five

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Learn more about the Paylocity integration, including Data Element & Directionality Mapping

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