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Bridging the gap between performance and compensation: 15Five’s Compensation product walkthrough

The gap between performance and compensation is costing your business. 

That’s why, earlier this year, we launched 15Five Compensation powered by Comprehensive, our all-in-one solution designed to integrate the best compensation management directly into 15Five’s system of action.

In our no-strings-attached, 25-minute demo, you’ll see firsthand how 15Five Compensation can:

  • Unify Compensation Reviews: Run compensation review cycles leveraging 15Five performance data to make informed compensation decisions that reward strong performance and retain top talent.
  • Provide real-time benchmarking: Gain a competitive edge by accessing real-time compensation data from over 5,000 companies. Stay ahead of industry trends and ensure your compensation strategy remains competitive.
  • Improve transparency: Foster trust and alignment in your compensation decisions by giving managers visibility and total rewards transparency to employees.
  • Achieve pay equity: Eliminate bias to ensure every employee is recognized and rewarded fairly, promoting engagement and retention.

Don’t let outdated compensation practices hold your organization back. We’re excited to show you how 15Five Compensation can unlock the full potential of your performance and compensation management processes.

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