Employee Performance Management

A Coordinated Approach To Employee Performance Management


"The information we glean from 15Five helps us in time and project prioritization, tapping into the emotional wellness of our team and providing a place for continued company culture."

Brittni Kinney

Vice President


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How’s your performance management strategy? Do you have the right vision, clear objectives, people with the right skillsets to achieve them, and a method to align the entire company? 

Many business leaders believe that this roadmap is the key to building a successful company. But there’s much more to it than that…

As it turns out, employee engagement and company culture are intimately connected with performance management strategies and tactics. There’s a lot of confusion about how all these relate with one another, and what leaders can do to positively influence how their employees contribute at work.

When it comes to trying to put all the pieces together, leaders must avoid putting too much attention on one of these areas at the exclusion of the others.

In this 7 page PDF, you will learn how culture, engagement, and performance are interrelated, and how this ecosystem creates successful outcomes.