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Performance and Growth

15Five’s Performance Review Playbook

The Comprehensive Guide to Designing a Fair, Valuable, and Efficient Review Process

In the last few years, the workplace has been totally reimagined — so it only makes sense that there would be an increasingly pressing need to reimagine how we think about and conduct performance reviews. But we know that’s much easier said than done — so we designed a comprehensive guide to designing a fair, valuable, efficient review process. 

We’ve distilled conversations with strategic HR leaders, a recent survey of over 1,000 strategic HR leaders, and a thorough review of academic and industry research into 5 principles to keep in mind as you are designing your review process. Also, every organization has different goals and context to consider when designing reviews. We’ll walk through decisions, options, and tradeoffs you will encounter as you design your review process, and share best practices.

What’s inside?

  • Understanding your review goals
  • Principles for designing a fair, valuable, and efficient review process 
  • Considerations and tradeoffs in the review design process
  • How 15Five Perform can help

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